Alena & Raina Talk the Death of our Sons!

Raina Irene is a Heart, Soul, Spirit Practitioner, 

A Sacred Mommaz and the Author of Because of Josiah,

A Mother’s Unending Bond with her Son in Spirit. 

She holds multiple certificates in Holistic Health, Spiritual and Emotional Healing, Plant Medicine, Reiki, Angels, and The Spirit World.

it was Raina’s Son Josiah’s sudden ascension in 2017, that shifted her awareness and took her on a journey from heart-shattering grief to the realization that their bond is unbreakable, living, and still possible. 

With her Son-in-Spirit serving as her teacher, she learned to recognize, interpret, and respond to the messages we receive from the ones we love in Spirit. 

Raina now works with mothers (Sacred Mommaz) who have Children-In-Spirit,

helping them to understand that communication with their child is not only possible but happening all the time. She holds Healing through Writing Circles with an emphasis on Inner Wisdom and Understanding this Sacred Journey.

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