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If you're ready to expand and evolve into the next version of you, welcome. I help you learn to forgive, accept, and make real, long-lasting change in your life through hypnosis and meditation.

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Hypnotic Healing, past life healing, and grief & Trauma healing

"Going into my session I was very nervous but excited! I had no clue what to expect and wasn't even certain anything would happen. Within the first few minutes I was comfortable and relaxed. Alena made it so easy to open up and I knew instantly that I was in a safe environment with her. We talked about some things I wanted to work on and then dove into it! I thought for sure I wouldn't be relaxed enough or open enough but it didn't take long for me to start spilling it all out. There were so many tears and so much healing. By the end of my session I was lighter and more free than I can ever remember being. I left the session with confidence and hope. Parts of my heart are healed, some I knew needed healing and some I didn't. I can't wait to work with Alena again. This was an amazing and transformative experience and I would recommend Alena a thousand times over!"

"I decided to meet with Alena to do past life regression and to get answers about myself and the current patterns of my life." 

"Alena guides you into hypnosis/deep relaxation so you feel comfortable and safe to work through and dive in. In my past life regression, I was able to reallyyy learn one of the biggest hang ups in my life/ in all the lives before me which is abandonment and mother/daughter things. In my spirit guide session, I received advice from my guide who happened to be my gr gr grandma. In my current life healing we went to a safe place and basically dissected the trauma around my miscarriage. I cried a ton but really got to the root of how to heal. Every session is tailored to what you want/need and I have greatly benefited from each one."

"I have had a past life regression, we have met my spirit guides, and then most recently after my miscarriage, we did a current life healing session."

"She balances her grounded, professional qualities with her intuition and spiritual guidance to create a unique healing experience. She has the strength to keep clients safe and connected to the moment if they experience a traumatic event during a past life regression, as well as the insight to recommend a practical and personalized path to continue moving forward into healing after the session. She brings her own magical soul gifts to her hypnosis sessions, creating an experience that goes beyond what I have experienced in other hypnosis sessions. Thank you, Alena, for sharing your light and your gifts."

"For anyone who is struggling with anxiety or stress right now, I would like to recommend a session with Alena."


Growing in connection to the energy of your loved one on the other side, the signs, symbols and synchroncities they are using to communicate with you.

Access a past life to gain clarity and understanding on how it is impacting or connected with your current life.

past life regressions

transform & alchemize grief

Opening communication with the body to access the messages it is offering through physical, mental or emotional pain.

healing body connections


1:1 Mentorship

I offer one one guidance for those looking to develop their intuitive skills and gifts, healing their trauma, protecting their energy, living a more green life, and wanting personal guided meditations. This is perfect for the person fully ready to embrace their healing and dive deeply into their purpose.

You can learn more about how to work more closely with me in my one on one containers by clicking the button below.

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