I have a blue belt in Jiu-jitsu and I have completed several ultra distance races
In sandals made by my uncle!

I am a mom to 4, 3 on earth
and 1 in heaven

I love tattoos, birds, roller skating, and
hiking in the summer.

Did you know...

My Story

I grew up in a very small town in Western PA. I was raised Catholic and also had a grandma that prayed the Novenas AND talked about her Near Death Experiences, her "knowing" when her and my grandpa went to San Francisco for the first time that it wasn't really her first time. This shaped me to be open to all possibilities.
Looking back I can see now that my "imaginary friends" weren't really imaginary. They were my Aunt Theresa that had died young and my sister that died before she was born. I recently came across a clip of me at 4 talking about them and it hit me that I was experiencing them from the other side.

My driving force and passion is to help people. Help them to feel and function their very best. But it's equally important to me that we walk that path together. You are the expert of your life and I am the expert in optimizing the mind to support you in living the life you want, free from physical, mental or emotional pain. Working to heal what needs healed for that to happen I am passionate about brain and holistic health, mindset really is everything!! Harnessing the power of the mind, the practical application and incorporating the importance of our spiritual side and our connection to our Source and Spirit Team.

As I have moved through life there are several shifting points. Meeting and marrying my husband tuned me back into understanding that we can recognize each other on a soul level. And that there are many paths, but one destination.
My children have transformed me in different ways. (Bold whole sentence)
My daughter opened me to motherhood and all of the blessings and challenges that brings.

Jacob taught me to explore what was truly important to me. He reminds me to slow down and how to stay centered and grounded. He views the world in such a different way and reminds me to always expand my perspective.

Ian was our planned home-birth, surprise breech. I really struggled with PPA and PPD after his birth. But from those ashes I learned what I needed to care for myself, to be truly whole mentally, emotionally, physically, which is a lifetime work in progress. Ian is all in, all the time and he helps remind me to be better at being strong in who I am and expressing myself fully.

Changed by Death
As we neared 40 we decided to try for a 4th baby. The pregnancy was physically draining, but we were both healthy. However, our beautiful boy died during labor. We named him Bodhi, meaning spiritual enlightenment.

As we have navigated losing a child the emotions are hard to even describe. I feel that it was like a Near Death Experience as he died within me and a part of me died that day too. 

The spiritual enlightenment is exactly what Bodhi did for me. It has moved into an even greater flow with my purpose and journey for this lifetime. I was reminded to be and stay present, especially with my family. I have acknowledged and grown in seeing the signs, symbols and synchronicities that our loved ones are always trying to show us, but now they are unmistakable and cannot be explained in any other way. It has been truly beautiful.

The outpouring of love and support from our families, our community, the kids' schools, the nurses and hospital staff, our birth team, long lost friends, complete strangers has been the balm for my bruised soul.

I believe that we make Soul contracts before we get here to learn the lessons to grow and expand our souls. This doesn't make the difficult lessons any easier, but it does help me look for the ways to grow and expand, to find the blessings and how to use it to help others.

One of my very favorite pieces of my life is hiking with my kids and dogs. It's always an adventure, something to whine about and something to celebrate. The kids remind me to slow down and admire nature and the simple things in life. I often remind them they can do hard things when the going gets tough. We now gather nature items and make mandalas in Bodhi's memory after each hike.

I try to breathe in each moment and accept it as it is. To look for the changes that need made or where I can be in flow and let go a little more. To look for the signs, symbols and synchronicities from our loved ones, angels, our deceased animal friends and the universe. My kids, my animals and nature remind me of these lessons daily.