I have a blue belt in Jiu-jitsu and I have completed several ultra distance races
In sandals made by my uncle!

I am a mom to 4, 3 on earth
and 1 in heaven

I love tattoos, birds, roller skating, and
hiking in the summer.

Did you know...

My Story

I grew up in a very small town in Western PA. One of 3 siblings living and 2 in heaven, my sister Clarie was born to heaven when i was 4 and my brother Bryce died when i was 27. I went to Catholic school from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I also had a grandma that prayed the Novenas AND talked about her Near Death Experiences, her "knowing" when her and my grandpa went to San Francisco for the first time that it wasn't really her first time. I have 42 first cousins and 78 second cousins, which just expands from there. I spent every Sunday at both grandparent's houses playing with family. I always felt big feelings, but no one knew how to help me with that, it was more of a stiff upper lip and any weaknesses were exploited. I think this came from the very difficult immigrant experience of my grandparents and great grandparents, that passing down of survival of the fittest by any means necessary. I was lucky enough to know 2 of my great grandmas and feel learn from their strength and resiliency. Looking back I can see now that my "imaginary friends" weren't really imaginary. They were my Aunt Theresa that had died young and my sister that died before she was born. I recently came across a clip of me at 4 talking about them and it hit me that I was experiencing them from the other side.

My driving force and passion is to help people. Help them to feel and function their very best. But it's equally important to me that we walk that path together. You are the expert of your life and I am the expert in optimizing the mind to support you in living the life you want, free from physical mental or emotional pain. Working to heal what needs healed for that to happen. 

It started with wanting to be a forensic pathologist to solve the mysteries of a death. In high-school I started a community service program. In college I spent my spring breaks in KY repairing homes. And when I took a year off when I bailed on medical school I volunteered for a whole year in KY. I then went into social work with the mental health concentration. As a social worker I have worked in many different areas. Brief times as a wrap around case manager and therapist for kids, in a juvenile sex offender facility, at a domestic violence shelter, on a macro level teaching doctor office's how to spot child abuse and as a nursing home case manager. Then longer opportunities in one on one therapy, medical social work in the hospital and on an inpatient geriatric psychiatric unit. With my own business it started as past life work then birth education, essential oils and nutrition products. Then I realized with the past life and full hypnosis certifications I could make that my business focus. I am passionate about brain and holistic health, mindset really is everything!! Harnessing the power of the mind, the practical application and incorporating the importance of our spiritual side and our connection to our Source and Spirit Team. 

As I have moved through life there are several shifting points. Meeting and marrying my husband tuned me back into understanding that we can recognize each other on a soul level. And that there are many paths, but one destination. After I met him in the way we did I could see that there would have been other paths to meeting him if I hadn't acted on the first opportunity. He balances me out perfectly, even though we can but heads since we are both stubborn. We are both loyal and would do anything for those we care about. He is steadfast in himself and is not worried what others think. He has a love for the land and outdoors that inspires me to get out in all weather. He reminds me that I am smart and beautiful and capable as often as I need it. And I remind him to be silly and laugh more, to be gentler and softer. We have been through many ups and downs, but always come out stronger. He is the perfect partner for me and is now the best father for our kids.

The birth of each of my children transformed me in different ways. Issadora came into the world at 35 weeks, the first grandchild on both sides. I moved from magical thinking into practical, boots on the ground figure it out mentality. She opened me to motherhood and all of the blessings and challenges that brings. She is so strong in what she believes. Her creative mind is astounding. At almost 13, we have now moved into enjoying each other's company. We share a love of true crime podcasts, graveyards and history. We've taken two amazing trips with just the two of us one to Salem and another to visit family in Cali and they were both amazing.
Jacob taught me to explore what was truly important to me. We took natural childbirth education courses and bucked the norm. It taught me to advocate and stand strong. His birth allowed us to heal the ways we had been victimized during Issadora's birth and NICU stay. And we successfully exclusively breastfed for 2.5 years, a major feat as another NICU baby. Jacob talks with the Angels and animals, he calls it their spiritual voice. He reminds me to slow down and how to stay centered and grounded. He views the world in such a different way and reminds me to always expand my perspective.

Ian, Ian, Ian. He was our planned home-birth, surprise breech. I really struggled with PPA and PPD after his birth. Matt went back to working and living on the road a week after. To run every aspect of a household solo, run a side business and maintain sanity….not great for well being. But from those ashes I learned what I needed to care for myself, to be truly whole mentally, emotionally, physically, which is a lifetime work in progress. Ian is all in, all the time and is not swayed by others' opinions or feelings. He is so kind and thoughtful and gives the best hugs. He helps remind me to be better at all of those things too!
                                                        Changed by Death 
As we neared 40, Matt was moved to part time and he was looking for a new line of work and was living back at home. We decided to try for a 4th baby, we weren't sure because we had had a very early miscarriage on 2019, but were hopeful. Sure enough in April 2020 we found out that we were expecting with a December baby. We were very excited and did a fun Friends theme announcement. We planned another home-birth and decided not to find out what gender we were having. Everything went well! I went into the pregnancy in the best shape of my life, but had a lot of major hip pain and anxiety. Looking back I think I knew on a soul level that once the baby arrived, they would be leaving. That the pain was coming from holding on so tightly. As we labored at home it was so hard, I've been through it 3 times and this was feeling so different. We had woke up that morning to one of our cats having died and the kids were so devastated. I now believe that Zia left before to lead the baby's soul. I had already been in labor but didn't want to tell the kids just yet. But since things were progressing so quickly I called the midwife and photographer right away. But then things just seemed to stall. I was working so hard but he, because he was breech we found out it was a boy, just didn't progress. We decided to transfer to the hospital because of exhaustion. There was never any distress detected during the labor. We were just expecting to go to have the baby. When we got there the doctor cut an episiotomy and pulled him out and I said put him on me. But then the emergency team stepped in. I just kept looking at Matt saying o my God, what is happening, why isn't he breathing? Because of the episiotomy and tear I had to endure massive stitching while we watched them work on the baby. But he never took a breath. Matt looked at me and asked what was that name I wanted? It was Bodhi, meaning spiritual enlightenment. 

As we have navigated losing a child the emotions are hard to even describe. I feel that it was like a Near Death Experience as he died within me and a part of me died that day too. 

The spiritual enlightenment is exactly what Bodhi did for me. It has moved into an even greater flow with my purpose and journey for this lifetime. I was reminded to be and stay present, especially with my family. I have acknowledged and grown in seeing the signs, symbols and synchronicities that our loved ones are always trying to show us, but now they are unmistakable and cannot be explained in any other way. It has been truly beautiful.  The outpouring of love and support from our families, our community, the kids' schools, the nurses and hospital staff, our birth team, long lost friends, complete strangers has been the balm for my bruised soul.

I believe that we make Soul contracts before we get here to learn the lessons to grow and expand our souls. This doesn't make the difficult lessons any easier, but it does help me look for the ways to grow and expand, to find the blessings and how to use it to help others.

Several years ago I did a past life session for myself and went to a life where my current husband was my husband then and we had two children that died. But in that life we turned away from each other and withdrew into ourselves, away from life and withered away. Even though I explored that life several years ago I have found myself calling on these memories to remember to take care of myself and our family and to come together. As we explore the past lives that are the journey of our one soul it can help us in so many different ways. 

I had just turned 21 and was working at a pub in Birmingham, England. Just as I was wrapping up my summer there I got a call and could barely hear my mom over the loud pub, but she told me that a friend of mine was on life support, but that they were taking him off the next day. I lost it, she had no idea of our connection. I believe that people come into our lives for reasons and to help us learn lessons. And Mike did that for me. I cried the whole time I arranged a flight home and for the entire plane ride, but I made it home to go to the funeral. There were so many signs that came from him. As I was getting off the plane a man stopped me and said that boy you are writing to, he loves you. I had been writing a letter to place in his casket and of course no one around me knew what was going on. I had given him bowls because he was eating out of Tupperware and those exact bowls showed up in my mom's cabinet, she had no idea where they came from. One day, after I had visited his grave, a song came on singing that heaven was all around us and at the end it said, 'I once knew a boy named Michael.' He taught me to have and be more fun, to be more spontaneous and to be strong in who I am and not worry about what others say or think. 

My brother, Bryce, died shortly after my uncle in 2007. He was the life of the party and everyone's best friend. He lit up a room and also drove me crazy because he had an untamable spirit. When he died by suicide it was an utter shock to my system and to everyone else. I was a mental health professional and there were no signs and he did not come to me. It shifted me in a way that is indescribable. But it started me on the path to opening to my spiritual gifts. Later that year was when I traveled to Angel Valley in Sedona, AZ to attend the Past Life Regression certification course and change the trajectory of my future, my understanding of the spirit world and the journey of our souls. He is now one of my guides and still likes to give me a hard time in a loving way from the other side, a beacon to remind me to have more fun and to give things my all. 

In the winters my parents go to St. Maarten and my kids and I have visited them several times. The scenery, the ocean and the people are so beautiful there. On our last trip there my cousin by marriage, Dr. Mike (he was in his 60s, remember I have a lot of cousins so some a much older than me :)) was coming too. I was excited because he is someone that I have always looked up to. When I was pursuing medical school he mentored me and got me an internship in a Pathology department. He had a deep faith and loved his family more than anything. My mom woke me up early one of the mornings and said that he was in trouble and had called for an ambulance. My dad and I were with him as the paramedics arrived, but as they tried to revive him I could sense his soil leaving his body and asked the Angels to be with him and all of us as we navigated this devastating situation. To have to call his family in the States and give them this terrible news was difficult, but holding space for people as they navigate these difficulties is an important part of my work. His long term serving of the community as a small town doctor, his deep faith and love of his family continue to inspire me to serve, honor my own faith and put my family first. 

One of my very favorite pieces of my life is hiking with my kids and dogs. It's always an adventure, something to whine about and something to celebrate.  The kids remind me to slow down and admire nature and the simple things in life. We started with a goal of hiking one time a week all summer when Jacob was at the age of being in the baby carrier and walking some on his own. We have continued every summer since. Each kid then transitioned to carrying their own pack with water and snacks. They have hiked some big trails and sometimes we only make it a mile or two. They love water crossings and waterfalls the most, but can find anything to get excited about! We added paddle boarding and kayaking during the pandemic summer. I often remind them they can do hard things when the going gets tough. I was looking forward to baby wearing again with Bodhi this summer, but we will now gather nature items and make mandalas in his memory after each hike. 

I try to breathe in each moment and accept it as it is. To look for the changes that need made or where I can be in flow and let go a little more. To look for the signs, symbols and synchronicities from our loved ones, angels, our deceased animal friends and the universe. My kids, my animals and nature remind me of these lessons daily.