Alena & Dani Talk the Journey to the Life of Your Dreams!

Dani of Life of Lotus LLC, is a compassionate and caring soul that is dedicated to guiding individuals toward holistic wellness and personal transformation. As a Transformational Coach, Reiki Master, Energy Practitioner, and Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioner, Dani empowers others to tap into their inner wisdom and unlock their fullest potential. With a best-selling book inspiring readers worldwide, Dani shares profound insights and practical tools for living a life of purpose and fulfillment. Offering a blend of encouragement and occasionally firm guidance, Dani’s mission is to propel you toward the life you envision. The outcome is a mindset brimming with abundance, resilience, and unwavering confidence—a testament to the realization that you are purposefully living your life.

Services offered: Energy Clearing Sessions and individual mentoring.

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