Alena & John Talk Rosaries, Mala Beads & The Importance of Prayer or Meditation!

Olvera Street Rosary is Where we make rosaries and prayer beads as unique as you. Every one of my pieces is an individual work of art that has a story. In every description you will get to learn the tail of each piece and how it came to be. Every set of prayer beads that I make have a personality or a spirit to them that makes them truly unique. the best part is whichever set of beads you identify with you also get its story included with your purchase! So, thank you for visiting my shop. I invite you to peruse, read, and if you have any questions I will be more than happy to help.

Hello everyone my name is John Baine I am a rosary artist and prayer bead maker whose company Olvera Street Rosary services people across the spiritual spectrum. My ethos is simple I don’t care what team you root for as long as you root. I believe that if I can get as many people as possible praying and meditating that I can make the world a better place. I have managed the delicate balancing act of being a deeply faithful individual without falling into the pitfalls of becoming a zealot. My brand is reverently irreverent. Spiritual work with personality. 

I offer prayer bead creation and repair. I make rosaries and prayer beads that are individual works of art that have their own stories. Original works and custom pieces available.

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