Alena & Shelley Talk Sacred Connection with Nature & Spirit

The House of the Mystical Maven was created in 2020 as a shelter from the storm for spiritual seekers and a refuge for star-seeded intuitive change makers. Created by Shelley Steffey, I welcome you in exactly as you are, and together we uncover the unseen energetics that bring light and healing to your journey. The House of the Mystical Maven offers energetic healing sessions that combine modalities in breath, movement, chakra balancing, reiki, sound, and divination such as tarot, oracle, and medicine cards. We call upon tools within ourselves such as EFT and utilizing the clairs, as well as tools outside ourselves such as plants, crystals, elementals, angels, spiritual guides, ancestors, ascended masters, to initiate transformation aligned with your goals. Many times, I receive guests who are uncertain exactly what they are looking for in a session, and that is okay, too. We use the tools available to understand the energies at play in your current timeline. From this, we engage to bring light into what is hidden. When we give voice to these aspects, the power of choice becomes yours. I aim to empower and affirm you along your path.

Shelley Steffey is a artisan by trade, a teacher by profession, and a healer by nature. She holds degrees in Studio Art, Art Education, and Early Childhood Education. She holds certification in Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Mindfulness, Science and Art of Herbalism, Reiki Level I & II, and is currently earning her Diploma as Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She combines her artistic visionary gifts, with compassionate approaches to communication in order to facilitate healing sessions that are unique to you, soothing to the soul, and catalysts for positive change.

I am Shelley, I practice Integrative Healing Arts, inspiring women to live the life they dream of. On the road of life, we lose ourselves in the yes’s and pleasings of those we love. There are major crossroads we face where we long to be centered into a rich tapestry of nature’s beauty and rhythms, to hold us as we prepare to emerge anew again. Through awakening the dreams we hold deep inside with clarity and vision, the women I work with feel more aligned with their whole attainable selves.

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