Podcast with Alena & Tracie of Pet Cremations, LLC. We talk the importance of pets & honoring them in death too.

Tracie of Pet Cremations, LLC and team cremate 1 pet a time – 100% guaranteed. Making custom ash containers for Pet Urns, and making paw prints and keepsakes.


Tracie is an intuitive empath and has spoken to animals and spirit guides all her life even remembering as far back as 2 yrs old. From Tracie, “I have counseled individuals since I was 6, and made crafts thru-out my childhood and teenage years. Always had a self-employed business, since 5 yrs old – first one a kool-aid stand, along with a regular job, since age 13, the first one was a fast food joint. I have always had animals, both domestic and livestock, in my life. Some I brought home as strays, some injured and fixed and some died and buried. The ones that died I always honored with a prayer and sent them on their way.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself as a pet cremator, grief counselor, and making custom ash containers for pet owners, but if you look back thru my life I think you can see that I was groomed for this job. It’s not easy seeing deceased pets and how they cross the rainbow bridge and seeing the pet parents crying. By the time the pet owners leave my business, they have told me stories, said their farewells, had therapy with my 2 dogs and cat, and leave with laughter and/or a smile on their faces knowing that their pet is in the best of care up until the pet owner picks up their pet’s ashes and/or their custom ash container.”


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