Podcast with Alena & Raven of Raven Moon’s Oracle. We talk Tarot vs. Oracle cards & the Spiritual Path.

Raven Moon’s Oracle

With over 25 years of experience and knowledge within the spiritual & metaphysical, Raven offers oracle card readings to bring insight and clarity.  

With her shop located in DuBois, Pa she can offer the community a fully stocked metaphysical shop.  She offers, crystals, incense, candles, books, magickal decor,  jewlery, and so much more.  

Raven is a psychic and intuitive reader. Using her over 25 years of knowledge and deep practice of the metaphysical to assist in bringing insight, inspiration, growth and beauty into your life! 

She specializes in working with mojo charms, crystals, candle magick, herbs, oils, and more. 

Raven owns and operates her own metaphysical shop in downtown DuBois, Pa. 

Expo Offerings 30 minute oracle card readings for $70. Email: Ravenmoonsoracle@gmail.com to prebook

Plus, hand crafted Intent Candles, mojo charms, ritual sprays & oils. 


Find Raven at

FB: RavenMoonsOracle

IG: RavenMoonsOracle

TikTok: RavenMoonsOracle


Contact Alena of Celebrate Every Step, LLC, at alenakg33@gmail.com

find me on Facebook Instagram Website & YouTube & TikTok all @ Celebrateeverystep


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IG: Celebrateeverystep

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TikTok: Celebrateeverystep

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