Dive into the Stories Spiritual Journeys, Signs, Symbols, Synchronicities & More

This Blog will be a combination of podcast interviews and long form content geared towards helping you feel and function your very best.

I created this podcast to celebrate all of the amazing people that I’ve crossed paths with on this journey. They are the everyday person focusing on their spiritual connection. I try to live in a way with more sacredness and intention, looking for the signs, symbols and synchronicities from spirit and from nature. We laugh, we cry, we rage, we give understanding. I want to hear how other people do that in their life, how they celebrate and live a life full of love and joy and share that with you 💜 we explore topics of spirituality, mental health, hypnosis, past lives, galactic lives, different realms, psychics, mediums, religious trauma, intergenerational trauma and gifts, physical, mental, emotional or sexual pain or trauma, chronic pain and conditions, the mind body connection, depression, anxiety, insomnia, purpose, chakras, energy healing, reiki, crystals, Shamanic ways, Angels, Guides, Ancestors, animal friends

I’ve heard it all and you aren’t as weird as you think you are 💜 

I’m Alena with Celebrate Every Step Professional Hypnosis. I am a mental health professional, clinical Hypnotherapist, psychic medium and spiritual guide. I am passionate about helping people feel and function their very best by utilizing hypnotic healing to work through current or past life patterns, physical, mental or emotional pain.

These interviews started to share about the amazing vendors that were a part of the mind, body heart and soul expo of Punxsutawney but it was so fun to share my amazing colleagues and friends with you! So enjoy these deep dives into all things health wellness mindset, their motivations to help others, the mainstream and the mystical!

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