Alena & Lucinda Talk Visibility Versus Introversion & All Things Color

Lucinda Rae is an award-winning artist and internationally acclaimed prosperity brand strategist and who activates and creates the power of your online and offline offerings with visual image to attract abundance and audience through natural magnetism and stunning visual branding and celebrity-worthy photographs. Lucinda Rae is a branding expert who helps soulful, spiritual women entrepreneurs elevate their businesses through “holy hot visibility.” She encourages them to find balance between being introverted and being visible, and to identify their branding archetype to craft a cohesive message that resonates with their audience.

With over 20 years of experience, Lucinda has created over 300 iconic brand identities for entrepreneurs and corporate clients. If you want to step up into your brand archetype and get your gifts out into the world, Lucinda can help you make it happen. In this episode, Lucinda guides us through a transformational journey, helping us break free from introversion and discover our distinctive voice.

I create custom fully branded website packages and also offer highly-efficient VIP Design Days. My book Holy Hot Visibility is now ready and have a course to go with it. I offer personal brand photoshoot packages and make original paintings and print to beautify your spaces. 

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