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I am an Author, Reiki Master, Intuitive, and Business Owner.

My business, Dream Pet Care LLC, is a solo pet companion company that goes into your home and visits, connects, communicates, and supports the emotional well-being of your animal family members while offering them companionship, play, and interaction. I meet them where they are, see them for who they are (an integral member of your family), and treat them with respect and love.

Each animal family member is unique with his or her own needs, joys, and level of engagement – and I do my best to recognize what it is for each one I visit. For many this can change as they themselves age, encounter illnesses, or encounter shifts in their family’s lifestyle or dynamics. Yes, when a child goes off to college, this can create different patterns in your dog or cat’s behavior. Yes, when you go from working at home all the time to being out of the home more, this too may create a shift in how they respond to things, just as if someone comes to visit and forgets to leave – that can impact us and how we go about our day-to-day activities.

I offer overnights, 60-minute visits, and 45-minute pet visits in your home as well as Reiki sessions both in-your-home and Remote Animal Reiki with Intuitive Guidance sessions for those that live outside my service area along with a Remote 3-day Animal Reiki Travel pack where Reiki is sent to your animal companions three days (or more) in a row starting with the day before you leave, the day of, and the first full day without you. These sessions include an email of anything I was guided to and anything that surfaced during the remote sessions. This one is great for both the anxious pets that are staying in your home with someone visiting, those going to other homes, or those being boarded at some type of facility. I also work with clients offering Intuitive Guidance for things that may be occurring with their animal family members.

I will have my second book published soon on my journey working with the animals.

My first book, “Are You Picking Up Your Messages” is about the early stages of me learning about Spirit’s messages while working in the educational environment before birthing my own business and working with the animals. It is available on Kindle.

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