Alena & Julie talk personal health journeys leading to helping others!

Empowering Health provides a safe space for healing through Self-Love Coaching and Reiki; using my unique blend of health coaching, life coaching, self-love coaching and energy healing I will show you how to pull stubborn patterns out by the root and make lasting changes in your habits, lifestyle and thought patterns in a way that is both empowering and fun.  

Reiki sessions support clearing of energy blocks and creating a healthy balance in mind, body and spirit. Self-Love Coaching provides you with support and guidance to learn tools and techniques to create your own individual daily practice supporting overall wellness, peace and balance.  With loving support, empowerment and guidance, change is possible and I’d love to show you how.

I’m Julie and I am a Holy Fire Reiki Master and a Self-Love Coach providing a safe space for my clients to realize wellness goals and learn tools and techniques to reach their individual wellness goals.  I had faced my own personal wellness challenges and struggles in the past, which is what lead me to where I am today, with the mission of empowering amazing women to connect with and trust their intuition, love themselves where they are, overcome challenges life throws at them, and experience peace from learning to use tools and techniques that support daily self-care and overall balance in mind, body and spirit.

I am very empathetic and compassionate, using these gifts to empower my clients on their individual wellness journey. I believe in an individual approach when it comes to practicing Reiki and providing support to clients, as we are all very unique and have our own experiences on our wellness journey.

I work with women who are looking to overcome feelings of fear and anxiety and feel healthy, happy, and whole.  Empowering clients to truly honor their body, mind and spirit as they create a healthy, balanced lifestyle; holding space to support them in realizing wellness goals without feeling overwhelmed in the process. Whether they are experiencing specific wellness challenges or just want to feel better overall, I am here to support individual goals, empowering clients to take control of their life and feel their absolute best through healing and self-love.

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