Alena & Christina Talk Embracing a Multidimensional Connection!

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KrystaQuartz Metaphysical Shop was created by Christina Giles Pearson to assist others using cosmic occult teachings and practices. Clients can schedule Multidimensional Soul Intuitive Readings, Cosmic Clarity Consults and Spiritual Authenticity Coaching. Or attend workshops and classes designed to open minds to the simplicity of magic and the esoteric. We have unique spiritual tools to assist clients with chakra activation and alignment, aura cleansing and ritual work. 

Christina Giles Pearson is a Spiritualist, Psychic, Medium, Practitioner, Revealer and an Alchemist who is aware to the multidimensional aspects of Self and the Universe. She was born with a strong desire and drive to seek knowledge and truth; which explains her explorations into occultism, kabbalism, African Traditional Religions, the Dark and Light Arts and metaphysics. She is honored to have the task of assisting others with their Spiritual Authenticity and teaching about the multidimensional state of being.

Offerings for the expo 

Multidimensional Soul Intuitive Readings 

Transformational Affirmation Journals

15 min – $20

30 min – $40

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